Saturday, August 9, 2008

Diabetic Food List- What's good for your health?

When a person has diabetes it is difficult to know what this person can and can't eat. It must be very difficult to this person to nourish themselves. You would think of course that the person would have a limited diet of what they can eat but surprisingly, there are many things that they can eat. There are places you can go to get a diabetic food list.

  As stated, there are many places that you can go to get a food list for diabetics. There are many, many sites online that are dedicated just to letting the public know what is good for a person with diabetes and what is bad for that person. You can also consult your doctor or even a health clinic near you to obtain a copy of said list.

Today we will cover some of the foods that have made it onto the diabetic food list. This is to give members of today's audience an idea of what a person with diabetes goes through everyday and open society's eyes to the fact that it is not that easy to live with this disease. Even though it is common, doesn't mean that living with it is easy.

Now first and foremost, it should be known that a person with diabetes should eat from all of the 5 food groups and make sure that they have plenty of protein, vegetables, fruits, nutrients, Lipids and carbohydrates in their diet. This is where the diabetic food list comes in handy, you will be able to tell which fruits and veggies that you can eat for example.

It should be stated at this time that if you are diabetic, then you know that you should definitely eat more vegetables than fruit because fruit tends to be on the sweeter side, the whole point of being diabetic is that you can't have too much sugars right? Also, it is common sense that you should stay away from sugars such as ice cream, chocolate and any types of sweet desserts because these are loaded with sugars that the diabetic food list will define as NOT the type of foods you should eat.

It is also stated that a person with diabetes should stay away from fats like fried foods and animal fats. This will not only harden your arteries but also add to the waistline too! A person who is following the diabetic food list will surely be eating steamed foods or boiled foods. There are some dishes that you can prepare that are steamed that taste divine! 

It bears mentioning that the only types of oils that the diabetic food list recommends for someone with diabetes to cook with are olive oil, soy bean oil and finally corn oil. Now here is a quick run-down of what a person can eat that is in fact recommended by the diabetic food list.

 Milk, can drink fresh milk but never sweetened milk.
 Vegetables, both fresh and/or steamed or boiled vegetables will provide your body with the nutrients that you require to get through the day.
 Grains
 Meat, should at least have an intake of at least 100 grams per meal, be sure not to eat meats with a lot of fat.
 Eggs
 Fiber, every one needs fiber in their diet to stay regular!

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