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Diabetic Testing Supplies - What You Need If You Have Diabetes

One of the most difficult things for diabetics to deal with is the constant need to make sure they have readily available all the necessary diabetic testing supplies. The best way to make sure you have everything necessary is to make a check list, and before you go to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning, go over the list and be sure you have everything you'll need to get through the day.

When you have diabetes, your physician will test your blood sugar at appointments. It is also critically important that you test your blood sugar often on a daily basis. Make sure you have the equipment necessary for you to be able to test your level often.

If you are using insulin, in order for the insurance company to cover any charges, you will need a prescription from your physician. You will also need several different items in order to test often.

Insulin syringes - when you are on an insulin treatment, you will need the syringes to inject the medicine into your blood. There are different sized needles; however they are covered under most insurance policies.

Alcohol swabs - infections in diabetics is a very serious problem and can be potentially life threatening. Even a little pinprick for the testing meter can be a cause for concern. Alcohol swabs will kill the bacteria that are on your finger to assure a clean blood draw area. Alcohol swabs are very inexpensive and can be found in any retail store, however they are often supplied with your testing equipment.

Diabetic testing meter - This is a machine that takes a drop of your blood and measures your blood sugar level. There are several different types of meters to choose from, and if you are on the go a lot, there are portable diabetic testing meters. Again, you will need a prescription in order for your insurance company to cover the charges.

Diabetic testing strips - these strips are needed in conjunction with your diabetic testing meter. It is important to understand that each testing meter requires a specific testing strip, so it is important that you know which strips to purchase. Diabetic testing strips are expensive, and more often then not, they are not covered by insurance. Speak to your physician, he or she may know of a way to get around the cost.

In all cases your diabetic testing supplies should not be mishandled. Treat them carefully so they can continue to do the job for which they were designed.

Diabetes is a very serious disease. With the proper diet and medicine, it can be controlled and managed. It is very important that you keep the proper supplies in you home at all times.

As a side note, the paperwork that is involved with insurance companies can be very confusing. In recent years, new and innovative companies have been developed to assist diabetics in getting their supplies. They literally do everything from submitting the paperwork and billing, and then ship your entire diabetic testing supplies right to your door.

The easiest and fastest way to find one of these companies is to use the Internet. You will find thousands of links that will bring you to these sites. Just be sure you use a nationally recognized company with a solid reputation to insure that you receive the right supplies.

For information on finding quality diabetic testing supplies visit . There you'll find tips on diabetic foods and diet plans, as well as information on other items you may need such as diabetic shoes.

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