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Diabetic Neuropathy - A Serious Complication Of Diabetes

Diabetic neuropathy is a serious condition that directly impacts the nerves of the body. Individuals who suffer from the complications associated with diabetes often experience neuropathy. Generally, an individual who suffers from diabetes has a sugar level that remains consistently high. As time progresses, it is very likely that these glucose levels will begin to cause damage to the nerves and other areas of the body.

Here, you will learn about this particular form of neuropathy, the symptoms that are involved, as well as the treatment options that are available. If you suffer from this condition, or even suspect that you do, the information contained here may prove to be especially helpful.

This specific condition can be broken down into three further types of neuropathy. These are that which is focal, peripheral, and then autonomic. When it is focal, it means that one single nerve has been damaged. This can be virtually anywhere in the body. However, with diabetics, it is common to see it in the leg and the foot area. Peripheral means that the nerves that are damaged are in the peripheral system of the body. This type of damage is progressive, not immediate. The last type, autonomic, affects this nerve system in the body.

There are a number of symptoms that are associated with neuropathy. The following lists some of the most common associated signs that the nerves have been damaged in one way or another:

• Many individuals who suffer from nerve damage as a result of glucose levels in the body suffer from fluctuating body temperatures. This may result in sweating profusely, being extremely cold, or a unique combination of both.

•.Bladder complications are often quite common when the nerves have received damage. Accidents that involve inappropriate urination may become evident.

• There are a number of people who claim to experience complications with the digestive system. This can range from simple belching to severe vomiting.

• Neuropathy may lead to the development of sexual complications. Many men may experience issues with premature ejaculation and achieving a full erection. Women may experience the inability to feel sensations in a sexual manner, and even dryness in the area of the vagina.

• Complications with the circulatory system may also be experienced. This may include improper circulation in the body, heart problems, and similar health concerns.

What makes this especially dangerous is that with nerve damage you may not even know if certain problems exist. For instance diabetics often develop ulcers on their feet. If the nerves are damaged you may not be aware the ulcer exists until it becomes severe.

There are a number of ways that the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy may be relieved. It is important to know that any damage that is present will persist. However there are ways to ensure that the damage does not advance to a serious stage.

First and foremost, glucose levels in the body must be maintained. Then, depending on the symptoms that are experienced, various types of pain relievers, blood thinners, and prescription medications may be implemented. For disorders related to sexual functioning, creams and lubricants may be recommended. If you suffer from this devastating condition, it is absolutely vital that you work closely with a professional doctor in order to ensure that you are engaging in the proper treatment.

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