Thursday, January 3, 2008

What Are the Causes of Diabetes?

There are many causes of diabetes. Not all people have control of whether they could have prevented the disease. Eating healthy is a big factor in prevention, but some times that's not enough. Below are several ways it can be caused.

The disease is caused when the pancreas becomes dysfunctional. The body is dependent upon the insulin the pancreas secretes to keep the body's blood sugar levels normal. Many things can cause the pancreas to become dysfunctional and cause illness.

Diabetes is known to be higher in certain ethnicities such as Asian American, Hispanic, African American, Native American and Pacific Island descendants. The disease is known to be inherited and if it runs in your family, then you have a 25% chance of having it eventually.

Age is a big cause because as people get older, they exercise less and they gain weight, causing the body's pancreas to improperly secrete insulin. It can also be caused by a viral infection or illness affecting the pancreas, causing it not to secrete insulin properly.

However, the biggest cause is obesity. Excessive weight and fat in the body cause muscle and tissues not to react to insulin the way they should, almost making them resistant to the insulin the pancreas is secreting. The insulin will not function properly causing high blood sugar levels, eventually leading to the disease. Overeating can cause it also. The body needs a proper balance in its diet and if a body has too many carbohydrates, fats, or proteins, it can cause the pancreas to be dysfunctional also.

Frequent smoking can eventually lead to diabetes. Stress is also a major factor. The body's metabolism is directly influenced by its lifestyle. This includes the amount of daily stress; grief, and excessive worrying, that can cause the metabolism to react differently to insulin and the person to become a diabetic.

The body needs plenty of exercise and a balanced diet for the pancreas to properly function, secreting enough insulin. Many people cannot prevent this disease, especially if they inherit the disease or contract a viral infection causing it. The causes of diabetes vary, but the most important thing in trying to prevent it are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and eating right.

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